[3rd Volume: 2016]
Text: Ulrike Stoltz: Bookworks — A Women’s Perspective
> A compressed overview about women in the book world; with reference to a symposium with the same title held by Bookworks in London (in 1987 approx.) as well as looking at the Haus der Frau (women’s exhibition building) at the BUGRA (international exhibition of the book industry and graphic arts) in Leipzig 1914.
Image: Uta Schneider: plexus 01
Text: Uta Schneider: free associations
> Part two of our reflexion about collaboration (see #6)
Image: Ulrike Stoltz: Konjunktionen 004
Text: Patrizia Meinert: t = turning the pages. the phenomenon of time in books.
> A summary of the work with which she graduated from the book arts programme at the University of Art and Design Halle.
Image: ‹usus›: Uta Schneider & Ulrike Stoltz: Nexus Courage
Text: Ulrike Stoltz: Aritsts’ Books? How? Why? Where? A Questionnaire.
> A collection of necessary questions, no answers.
Image: Uta Schneider: murmur
An extra issue! (without title)
Text: Ulrike Stoltz
Image: Uta Schneider: fragil