[2nd Volume: 2015]
Text: Ulrike Stoltz: Individuality, or: How One-of-a-kind Artists’ Books may come into being
> An essay about conception and spontaneity.
Image: Uta Schneider: DNE/Q1
Text: Ulrike Stoltz: Visual Jazz. Some remarks on collaboration in making books.
> Part one of our reflexion on collaboration (see #10)
Image: Uta Schneider: virul hom
Text: Viola Hildebrand-Schat: Artist’s Books digital
> A first overview on possible strategies of the artist’s books regarding the incorporation of digital media.
Image: ‹usus› Uta Schneider & Ulrike Stoltz: Fliederblätter 3
Text: Uta Schneider: Characters: Type, Image, and Writing
> From writing and typography in general up to their use in artists’ books.
Image: Ulrike Stoltz: Maske