z.B. [zum Beispiel] [zum Buch] / [for example] [about books] is
a newspaper, which is edited, designed and distributed
by ‹usus›: Uta Schneider & Ulrike Stoltz.
Our scientific advisory counsellor is Dr. Viola Hildebrand-Schat.
Each number contains a short essay dealing with one of the various aspects of the book, the artists’ book, or typography.
In addition, there is always a picture to be found as an independent contribution and a statement in its own right. These pictures are works that will be made especially for the newspaper [z.B.]. They are printed on a newspaper press (offset). They are signed and numbered and can be regarded as original graphic prints.
Each number has 4 pages:
2 pages with text (German/English) and 2 pages with picture.
Four numbers per year are being published (irregularly).
Each number is being printed in an edition of 200 numbered and signed copies.

The retail price is 5 €/7 $. (01/2015).