How did it begin? The act of working together has no curriculum vitae, but it does have a history. Studying at the same institution initially meant no more than slight acquaintance. And then?

How we looked for a studio where we could both work and then found a room full of used tires. How two weeks later we found the following ad in the paper: "Compl. handsetting equipment for sale". In a dimly lit basement, when asked what we planned to do with it, we simultaneously answered: make books!

How we had the studio ceiling hanging full of book pages. How we purposely produced spoiled sheets in order to use them for a book at some time or other. How it then took years before this book came to be.

How in all this work I don't know which is yours and which is mine. How a spell of disassociation had to be gotten through after being so close to each other, and what happened therein. How out of and across the ensuing distance we engaged in an initially wordless dialogue.

How we drove back to England, this time with two backpacks full of paint, paper, brushes and pencils. How we still inspire each other. How much we have learned from each other. How an end is not in sight. How we went to sea together ...